Sunshine Mile Self-Guided Driving Tour

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LOCATION: Self Guided Driving Tour

Broadway was born modern. The boulevard expressed the new American optimism and post-war economic boom. Like many cities, Tucson was growing rapidly. In 1940, the population was 35,000 - by 1960, it had soared to 212,000. As an important suburban corridor, modern structures were built along its edge to support new neighborhoods with their curved streets and rambling ranch houses. Broadway was a reflection of the American Dream. An extraordinary collection of Mid-Century Modern buildings designed by Tucson’s most influential architects shaped this modernist boulevard. Bernard Friedman, Fred Jobusch, William Wilde, Anne Rysdale, Nicholas Sakellar, Charles Cox, Cain, Nelson and Ware, Howard Peck, as well as others, including Ralph Haver and Ronald Bergquist all contributed to the unique character of this commercial shopping district.

This event is a self-guided tour of highlights from the Sunshine Mile. Download Broadway Born Modern, a Guide to Tucson Modernist Sunshine Mile or Order a Print Copy.

The Sunshine Mile is under construction but the buildings intact. Grab a mask and head out to discover the beauty of Tucson's modern commercial architecture.  Broadway Boulevard though the Sunshine Mile is under major construction - so please be careful. 

Sunshine Mile Guide

Broadway Born Modern
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