• Neon Sign Project
    photo: Dave Olson
  • TCC Eckbo Landscape
  • Sunshine Mile
    photo: Jude Ignacio and Gerardine Vargas
  • Valley of the Moon
    photo: Jude Ignacio and Gerardine Vargas
  • Delores Gonzales Exhibit, 2015
    photo: Jude Ignacio and Gerardine Vargas
  • Voorhees Pattison House
    photo: Jude Ignacio and Gerardine Vargas

The Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation was reactivated in 2007. Since then, the board and volunteers have worked tirelessly to preserve the places that make Tucson special. We continue to save our city’s neon signs, sponsor Tucson Modernism Week, list numerous properties on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Modern Landscape Plaza designed by Garrett Eckbo at the TCC. We present a popular annual spring home tour, weekly downtown walking tours, and educational workshops. We recently partnered with the City and private property owners to revise and update Tucson’s Historic Landmark Designation, reviving an important permanent preservation tool. We lobbied to save Marist College, Arizona’s only three-story adobe building, the Valley of the Moon, a Depression-era fairy tale garden, the 1929 Voorhees–Pattison House designed by Roy Place, and the Old Pascua Matus- Meza House. We serve as host to state and national conferences and prepared and coordinated the designation of Tucson as a Preserve America City. We publish books, guides and anticipate the publication of two major book projects in 2018; the classic homes of Josias Joesler and Tom Gist. We attend hundreds of public meetings to ensure preservation remains a community priority. We are partners with the National Trust for Historic Preservation to save Arizona’s National Treasures including the Mountain View Of cers Club at Fort Huachuca and the Mission 66 Painted Desert Community Complex designed by famed architect, Richard Neutra. We provide ongoing technical assistance to neighborhood and community groups.

We remain committed to preserving the places that make Tucson special. We need your support to grow our organization and continue to serve the community.


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