LECTURE: Mid-Century, Zero-Carbon, and High-Comfort

Sat 10/13 - Sat 10/13
1:30PM 3:00PM
Location : Historic American Evangelical Lutheran Church (built 1954), 115 N. Tucson Boulevard
October 13, 2018 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Historic American Evangelical Lutheran Church (built 1954), 115 N. Tucson Boulevard

Join co-presenters: Jonathan Bean, Ph.D., CPHC and Laurie Clark, RA, CPHC for a look at the Mid-Century house in Tucson’s world.

Tucson’s mid-century houses hail from a time when air conditioning and color TV were the pinnacle of progress. The resurgence of interest in mid-century style has led many to discover that standards of comfort at mid-century were different from ours today. Oversized air conditioning and heating systems, leaky windows, and thermal mass exposed to the exterior mean many houses in Tucson feel too hot in summer and too cold in winter, even with a generous thermostat setting. First, we will explain why wasted energy creates discomfort in so many of Tucson’s beloved mid-century houses. Second, we will present a system of improvements based on today’s best-practice building science that can improve indoor air quality and significantly increase comfort ― all while reducing or eliminating the greenhouse gas impact of the 41,000 mid-century modern houses in Tucson. Most importantly, we’ll share details and strategies that preserve or complement elements of historic mid-century architecture, such as exposed beam ceilings, steel casement windows, and exposed brick and adobe walls, while increasing performance and comfort.

Photo by Artisans Group

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