The deadline for the Tucson Modernism Documentation Competition has been extended to Friday July 26th.  Should you have any questions, please contact . No additional extensions will be offered, so please submit on time to be eligible.

This is the first local competition that recognizes the best single-sheet measured drawing of a modern 20th century historic building, site, or structure prepared by an individual(s) to the standards of the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS), Historic American Engineering Record (HAER), or the Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS).

By requiring only a single sheet, the competition challenges the delineator to capture the essence of the site through the presentation of key features that reflect its historic and its architectural, landscape architectural or engineering significance. The competition is open to all those interested, regardless of experience or professional background.

This competition is sponsored by the AIA Southern Arizona, Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation and Tucson Modernism Week.

First Prize: $1000 cash prize and the winner will be honored during Tucson Modernism Week 2019.

All drawings will be displayed during Tucson Modernism Week, and submitted to local institutions and the Library of Congress. Drawings will become property of THPF and will not be returned.

Entries will be judged using the following criteria:

  1. Drafting
  2. Composition
  3. Depiction of significant features
  4. Field records
  5. Dimensioning
  6. Annotation
  • Roberts Elementary School
    Photo by GMVargas
  • Tucson Federal Savings
    Photo by GMVargas

Submission Deadlines:  15 July 2019 – Entry forms /  15 September 2019 – Completed entries

Eligibility: No particular professional credentials are required; anyone is eligible to enter the competition. There is no entry fee.

Project: The Southern Arizona Chapter of the AIA and Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation have developed a list of pre-approved eligible mid century modern buildings. Other buildings, structures, engineering and industrial sites, and landscapes are eligible but must be modern, located in Pima County, built between 1935 and 1975, and must be appropriate for inclusion in the HABS/HAER/HALS Collection. The drawing must be of a site that has not been previously recorded by HABS, HAER, or HALS through measured drawings.

Questions on building eligibility can be sent to  

Drawing Regulations: The documentation is to consist of a single, well-composed sheet that best conveys the significance of the building, site, structure, or landscape. The measured drawing must conform to the HABS, HAER (including the Guidelines for Recording Historic Ships), or HALS documentation Standards and Guidelines. Participants are encouraged to consult the HABS/HAER/HALS Collections website at the Library of Congress, or the HDP website for examples of measured drawings that meet the standards.

Submission Instructions: Participants must submit the Tucson Modern Documentation Competition Form (pdf) by the 15 July 2019. Completed drawings are due 15 September 2019. Presentation format to be 24×36, and submitted as a high quality PDF or hand drawings. Please email final submissions to

Downloadable Resources

Tucson Modern Documentation Competition Entry Form

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