Preservation Awards

Preservation Awards

Preservation Awards



Please join the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation and the 
Tucson Pima County Historical Commission for the 
2015 Historic Preservation Awards Ceremony. 

The awards highlight the past year’s most impressive and successful preservation projects and the individuals who lead them.  


The ceremony and reception will be held at the 

Historic 1937 San Pedro Chapel (In Old Fort Lowell) 

5230 East Fort Lowell Road

Tucson, Arizona 85712

Saturday, May 2, 2015 

9:30 AM - 12:00 PM 




The Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission (T-PCHC) is empowered to further awareness and preservation of historic sites, structures, districts, and character of the City of Tucson, Pima County, and the City of South Tucson. To promote these goals, the commission recognizes individuals, firms, groups, and organizations that have contributed to the achievement of the purposes and objectives of the commission.




Each of the commission’s three awards has different eligibility requirements. Nominations are accepted from residents of Tucson and Pima County, including members of the Historic Zone Advisory Boards, Neighborhood Associations, City and County government staff, T-PCHC members, and any other interested person, group, firm, or organization.




Nominations must be submitted on the form to be considered. Nominations can be downlaoded online at the Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission.  Paper copies of the nomination form are also available from the City Clerk’s Office.  Photographs to support the nomination are encourage, but not required.


To obtain or deliver nominations materials, please contact the City Clerk by telephone at (520) 791-4213, by fax at (520) 791-4017, or by mail at: Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission, c/o City Clerk’s Office, P.O. Box 27210, Tucson, AZ 85726-7210. Materials may also be hand-delivered to the City Clerk’s Office, which is located at City Hall, 255 West Alameda, 9th Floor. The deadline for all nominations is no later than Noon on March 13, 2014 .


The Tucson Historic Preservation (THPF) is a partner with T-PCHC in planning for the awards and the annual ceremony.


Persons submitting a nomination must fill out the form completely by documenting the contributions made by the person, firm, group, or organization being nominated to receive an award. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Note that two nominators are required for the Historic Preservation Award and the Alene Dunlap Smith and Paul Smith Award. Another requirement is that projects being honored in an award nomination must be complete, and not in process. For example, if there is an in-process restoration of a historic property, the nominator must wait until after the restoration is successfully completed before submitting a nomination for that project. Finally, awardees must be willing to accept the award. For questions about the awards please contact Sarah Herr at or (520) 881-2244.


The deadline for submitting nominations will be Thursday, April 3, 2014. Successful awardees will be notified no later than two weeks after the selection process has been completed. The awards presentation ceremony will be held on May 17, 2014, at the Hacienda del Sol. The Alene Dunlap Smith and Paul Smith Award and the Chair’s Preservation Award may also be presented in other venues as appropriate.


The Historic Preservation Awards Subcommittee of the T-PCHC (consisting of the subcommittee chair, a minimum of two additional commissioners, and the commission chair), shall receive the nominations, make the selection, and notify the awardees. The subcommittee shall also prepare appropriate text for each award to be presented. The names of the awardees will be announced at the preservation awards ceremony.






    An engraved award is presented at the preservation awards ceremony. Two nominators are required.


    The Alene Dunlap Smith and Paul Smith Award is presented in honor of two of Tucson’s most dedicated historic preservationists. Alene Dunlap Smith set a high standard of leadership and commitment to historic preservation at a time in Tucson’s history when decisive action and meaningful strategies were required, and her husband Paul carried on her legacy and actively supported preservation for many years after her death.


    Eligibility: The recipient must be an individual who is, or has been, a resident of Pima County and who has demonstrated a high level of dedication and a long-term commitment toward supporting and promoting historic preservation.




    One certificate documenting why the award is being made is presented at the preservation awards ceremony. Two nominators are required.


    Eligibility: Potential recipients are individuals, firms, groups, and organizations that have made significant contributions to the preservation, conservation, or interpretation of local history, architecture, or historic preservation. Only completed projects may be nominated. This award is generally given to those whose contribution has an impact at the community level .




    One certificate, summarizing the recipient’s contribution, is presented at the preservation awards ceremony. Only one nominator is required.


    Eligibility: Potential recipients are individuals, firms, groups, and organizations that have demonstrated an interest in history, historic preservation, or related subjects by volunteering time and effort on local history or preservation projects, by undertaking rehabilitation of one’s own historic property, by successfully completing a National Register nomination of one’s own building, or by demonstrating a similar level of commitment to history and historic preservation. Only completed projects may be nominated.